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Due to heavy bombardment of SPAM, I find it neccessary to take my e-mail address off of all my pages, and put it here, as an image. This way, those scumbag SPAM-bots can't reap my e-mail address. Sure, my e-mail address is probably already on a bunch of those e-mail address CDs sold by those SPAMming bastards and bought by unscrupulous businesses around the globe, but at least it won't be obtained by any new ones...


And here it is:

If you're not very Internet literate, you have to manually start you're e-mail program, choose to send a new message, and manually copy my address from here and type it into the "To:" part of the new message window. Sorry, no more point and click convenience here, thanks to SPAM. If you haven't joined CAUCE, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail already, click on the banner below and join today!

Just say NO to SPAM!!!

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