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The Mavericks of Brazil

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Mavericks produced in Brazil were unique to the U.S. models in several ways. First off, they were produced from 1973 to 1979, as opposed to the U.S. model years of 1970 to 1977. More options were offered as well, including a very nice gearshift console, a steering column mounted tachometer, and bumper mounted fog lamps. The parking lamps were slightly different, and the tail lights were WAY different. There was also a "GT" model produced. The most unique thing about the Mavericks of Brazil, is that there was a station wagon model produced, that never seen the light of day in the states.


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Here is the unique Maverick station wagon made in Brazil.

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Here is a line-up of Mavericks in Brazil. Note the different parking lamps, and the skinny bumpers; The thicker bumpers that were made standard on U.S. Mavericks beginning in 1973, were never offered in Brazil.

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Here is the shifter console option offered in Brazil, shown here as part of the Luxory Decor Option. Note the location of the radio, which is where the air-conditioning vents are located on a U.S. Maverick, and also the glove compartment door, which can't be found in this location on a U.S. model. The panel also lacks the plastic assembly below the dash, where the radio, glove compartment, vents, and other things are located on a U.S. model. Very interesting!


Very special thanks to Rogério Costa, a fellow Maverick fan in Brazil, for the pictures!


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