The C=64 was a great computer for it's time, and is still a great platform for video games, as so many are available for it.

 By the way, anyone out there remember the "Sonic Temple BBS" in Dundalk, MD (Baltimore area)? Those latter-day pre-internet C=64 BBS's sure were cool! A bit rough on the phone bill though! Ah yes, I still remember making the big jump from 300bps to 1,200bps. Compare that to the connection speeds I get today on my PC (45,333bps up to 49,333bps) My, how far I've come... ;-)

Here's some links...
C=64 OS C64 OS has one goal: Make a Commodore 64 feel fast and useful in today's modern world
Zimmer's Commodore Page -A great site with very extensive Commodore information!
Kim Lemon's Commodore 64 Game Site
DRIVEN -The homepage of this popular C=64 newsletter.(Now Defunct, as of 10/27/19)
The TRIAD Homepage (Now Defunct, as of 10/27/19)
Star Commander Homepage -This is the homepage to a great program that let's you transfer Commodore files from your PC to a C= formatted disk, and vice-versa for emulator use.
The Commodore 8-bit WWW Server
C= Homestead (Now Defunct, as of 10/27/19)

There was also Quantum Link, or "Q-Link", an online service for the C=64. This was actually the precurser to AOL, and I was a member of this online service in '92 and '93. I even still have the "welcome" package they sent me, just missing the function key overlay! Anyway, here's a few links to sites featuring Q-Link nostalgia:

Remember Q-Link!
JohnD39's Q-Link contact/memories site

A group of Commodore enthusiasts have reverse engineered the Q-Link protocol, and made it live again, usable from a real Commodore 64, or via an emulator. The site for this project is at

If you have or know of a good page devoted to the Commodore64 that I don't have listed here, please tell me!

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