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Here's a few cool places you might want to check out...

Vendomatic - Where I work.
Trollaxor - Funny stuff, for people with a sick sense of humour like me.
Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters.
Maddox - More funny stuff for sick people.
Google -If you're not using Google as your search engine of choice, you're probably not finding what you're looking for.
The Vintage Gaming Network -Formerly known as "Dave's Video Game Classics", and still known as "Dave's" to us old skool emulation fans, 10+ years on the 'net still going strong as the best source for news in the emulation sk33n :)
The 80's Server -Like, duh! This site, among other 80's things, has a page that can "Valley Girl-a-tize" any web page when you feed it the address, fer sure, totally!
Windows Annoyances -A MUST-SEE for anyone using Windows! It offers many tips and tricks, and is EXTREMELY helpful!
Marginal PA -A page with pictures and info on neat sights in PA.
Pennsylvania Turnpike Web Site -All kind of info on the PA Turnpike.
The Official Queensryche Website -A great site devoted to the great band Queensryche!

Links are current as of 12/10/08

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