Forgotten Places, Legends, and Lore

Abandoned roadways, bridges, railroads, tunnels, factories, etc.; Whether they were no longer needed and shut down, or perhaps never finished, there's a certain mystique about such things- A sort of spooky feeling may overcome you while visiting such locations. You close your eyes and imagine how at one time perhaps a road was once bustling with traffic and "life", and now silenced, almost frozen in time. And of projects left unfinished, you think of the hard work and manpower, perhaps human lives lost, all for nothing- Abandoned.

The following pages are dedicated to these things, to take you on a virtual tour of sorts, of these locations. In addition, I will also be including locations such as historic buildings that still stand and are in use today, but perhaps serving a different purpose, with some of their original features still intact.

In addition to the above, I've also decided to make a section pertaining to local (as in Bedford County, PA) legends and lore, so that these stories, passed down from generation to generation, true or untrue, can be preserved. The section isn't up yet.


Earlston Furnace Updated 6-19-03

Black Valley Railroad Added 12-04-03

Limekilns (Coming Soon!)

Huntingdon & Broad Top Railroad (Coming Soon!)

Warrior's Path (Coming Soon!)

Local Links Links to other sites about local history.

If you're from the area, and would like to help out, either by letting me know of some neat places, or even of some local legends and lore, or, if you'd like to come along on a trip, either to show me places, or to discover new places yourself, contact me.

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