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Here you will find a small (but growing!) collection of links to help you out if you are tracing your family tree. The World Wide Web is full of information helpful to you if you're into genealogy. Careful though... There are a lot of companies out there that are greedy and like to take unfair advantage of people's interest in their roots, and charge highly outrageous prices for genealogical software, information, and services.

Look around; A lot of the information that is offered by these pay services can be obtained for free.

Now, here are the links...

Broderbund's Family Tree Maker -The homepage for this great genealogy program!

Genealogy Ancestry Home Town -A source for a LOT of look-up services. Unfortunately, you must pay a subscription fee to use them all. They do offer a free Social Security Number lookup, and feature one other free lookup everyday.

Family, Local, American, and World History Resource Collection- A decent collection of links.

Pac's Genealogy Page -This page has many, MANY genealogical search engines! Extremely useful! A MUST SEE!

Big List of Genealogy Links -Big List of Genealogy Links!

A Barrel of Links -Like the name says, a barrel of links! Genealogy related links, that is.

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative -Another outstanding look-up site!

Lists of Ships to Philidelphia -A list of the "Palatine" ships that came into Philidelphia from Germany in the 1700s and 1800s; VERY useful if your ancestors were from Germany.

Donna Speer Ristenbatt Genealogy/Passenger Ships' Lists -Same as above.

THE OLIVE TREE GENEALOGY: Palatine Passenger Lists -Again, same as above.

...These links should be enough to give you a good start. After all, these pages contain many, many links to even more genealogical data; Enough to keep your interest up for quite a while!

I am doing research on the Dunkle family tree. If you think you can be of any help, or are looking for information on the Dunkle family as well, then please contact me. The branch of the family that I am currently researching resided mostly in Pennsylvania.

I also have information on a branch of the Stone family that originated in Pennsylvania, and later had members move to Medicine Lodge, Kansas. If you need any information on this family, let me know.

Please keep in mind that it may be a while before I reply to any messages concerning genealogy.

I use the Family Tree Maker program for storing my family data, and would be happy to share my files with anyone interested. I currently have my Dunkle file available, and am working on one for the Stone family. The files are GEDCOM compliant, and thus should be compatible with other GEDCOM programs out there. I'm not putting them up for download; You'll need to drop me a line if you wish to see them, and I will e-mail them to you.

Stacy J. Dunkle

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