Welcome to my page dedicated to the original heavy metal band, Black Sabbath!

Sure, it is true that the the term "heavy metal" was first coined in the Steppenwolf song "Born to be Wild", and some go as far to say that a band called "Blue Cheer" was the first heavy metal band. Well, that's partially true. But, listen to today's metal, and then listen to the very first Black Sabbath album. There it is... The "crunch" of the guitar, the "umph"... The sound Beavis and Butthead make when they're pretending to play a song... Whatever you want to call it, the sound is most definitly there, in 1970!

Some call them devil worshippers, but die-hard fans know otherwise. Heck, a lot of Sabbath's lyrics are closer to being Christian rock than anything else!

There are several types of Black Sabbath fans. Some only like the albums they did with Ozzy. Dio loyalists despise any other Sabbath than the albums done with Ronnie James Dio (Dio is rumoured to have a severe dislike of Ozzy Osbourne). There are some fans of all Sabbath material. With all the different lead singers Sabbath has had over the years, it makes for a very diverse fan base.

The basic purpose of this site is to say nothing more than "Hey, I'm a Sabbath fan!", and to direct you to the bigger, better Sabbath sites on the Internet! :-)

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Stacy J. Dunkle

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