What’s going on?

Damn, a whole ‘nother year has went by and I have yet again neglected to do anything interesting with this old website, or with my life in general.
I’ve been keeping myself busy modding video game consoles over the past several months. I’ve successfully installed a XEN8 mod chip and SD2SP2 adapter into a Nintendo GameCube, allowing it to load games from an SD card. I also bought an Everdrive X5 for the GameBoy Advance, and since I have the GameBoy Player add-on for the GCN, this makes it quite a nicely loaded game system. Just this week, I also modded my original platinum GCN. I had originally planned on modding this system first, but I found that it has no Serial Port 2 connector, so this ruled out the SD2SP adapter. I’ve since found other options, such as a memory card with a micro SD slot for plugging into port B on the console, giving the same functionality and speed of the SP2 connection, with the exception of losing the use of an extra memory card slot. I’ve also found that it is possible to re-add the SP2 back into the system, and I will be tearing into this sometime soon. The other update I did with the GameCube system is purchasing an adapter that allows it to plug into HDMI.

I’ve also managed to upgrade the LCD screens in 3 Gameboy Advance systems that I had laying around, including an original GBA without the backlight, upgrading it with a backlit IPS screen along with upgrading the 2 SP systems with a similar screen. This breathes new life into these neat little handhelds, especially the original one, which didn’t originally have a backlit screen. Along with the GBA Everdrive, this has got me into playing and re-playing some GBA and original Gameboy games.
I also installed a GDEMU into my Dreamcast, allowing it to load all games from the SD card, and got an HDMI adapter for it as well.

Along with some other minor game system modding, I’m also playing around with the idea of live streaming, either video games or of my electronics work, or both. It’s kind of a plan, anyway, though it’s hard to muster up the energy for it given how I always run into so many obstacles when trying to do such a thing, not to mention how it’s highly unlikely I would develop or maintain any kind of following. It’s mainly just something to do, to see if it feels right and motivates me.

Other than all of the gaming stuff, I’ve been working to clean up our property, and building up my collection of tools and yard equipment- something long overdue.

There’s so much more to say, but I rarely feel like typing out my thoughts anymore, it feels like such a grand waste of time.

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