Polluting the web with irrelevant topics and horrible HTML since 1996!”

Here’s a brief history of my web site and where it has been located over the years:

http://homepage.third-wave.com/staceman, or http://www.twd.net/stacemanJune 1996 ~ January 1997 – Both pointed to the same place, and was the original location of Mezmaron’s World. Doing a Google search on “Mezmaron” still yields other sites linking to this, even though it no longer exists. My e-mail address back then was “mezmaron@twd.net”.

http://www.bedford.net/sdunkleJanuary 1997 ~ November 2001 – After numerous problems with Third Wave Development, I switched to a local ISP. Even after starting my new job at Pennswoods, I kept my Bedford.net account up, for a little while. There’s still a few sites out there linking to the old address.

http://www.pennswoods.net/~sdunkleNovember 2001 ~ June 2002. I made use of my new employer’s web space.

http://www.staceman.netJune 2002 ~ present. I had actually bought the domain name in March 2002, but had it pointing to my own server at home, which was originally intended to be a totally different site. I eventually changed my mind, and made this domain the home to Mezmaron’s World, and switched hosting to my employer’s domain hosting server.

December 2003 – Changed the name of the site to “Staceman’s Place”. I also gave most of the main part of the site a complete makeover, the first major design change since I first started the site, and switched to a content management system called “Greymatter”.

September 2007 ~ March 2017 –  After losing my job at pennswoods.net, I switched hosts to a place called Hostmonster since it was rather cheap.

March 2017 – I started noticing that Hostmonster wasn’t as cheap as it used to be and felt it wasn’t quite worth it for the speed and reliability issues I tended to have with them. I switched over to GoDaddy since I noticed I had a free year of hosting that I never used that came with one of the domain names I bought. I also took this as an opportunity to switch the content management system to WordPress since it was more modern, and also because I noticed that Greymatter was now defunct and hadn’t been updated in years, and I feared it was likely full of security vulnerabilities as a result. I eventually went ahead and paid for a normal GoDaddy hosting account, and the experience so far has been good.

Personal websites are pretty much a thing of the past, but it’s something I like to hold on to, no matter how irrelevant and unknown it is in the grand scheme of things. I’ve had one for over 20 years now and I plan on keeping it going as long as I can, though I wish I could get back the enthusiasm I once had for it when it was new. I remember a time when the thought of people stumbling upon it was exciting, especially people I may have known in the past. I’ve come to realize long ago that the possibility of that is very unlikely, especially in today’s day and age of social media where most people are unaware that anything exists outside of news sites, Facebook, and YouTube.

May 2018 – I decided to change the name of the site again. Hell, I might even change the font and background.

March 2019 – My free hosting plans with GoDaddy were over, and their paid hosting plans didn’t seem like a good deal for as little as I use my website, so I shopped around and found Hostinger and switched to them.

February 2020 – Changed the design for the first time in over 15 years. It’s very plain for now. I also changed the name again, to just “staceman.net”. I’m really not much of a fan of the vanity thing anymore, and I constantly think about changing the domain as well, I just hate to change something that has existed for 18 years. Beyond Redemption still exists, somewhere…

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