What I’ve been up to

Not everything is terrible. Here’s some things I’ve been successful with over the past couple of months.

I replaced the factory stereo in my 2002 Toyota Camry with one of the newer ones with a screen. This was the first time I messed with car audio in a very long time. I took care to do it decently, as opposed to my hack and slash installs of my teen years. I got a proper wiring harness specifically for my car to avoid cutting into the factory wiring, along with an installation kit, and everything worked without a hitch, and it looks pretty natural in the car. It’s been running great going on 2 weeks now, and today I also installed a backup camera since the stereo had support for one. That was actually more difficult to install, especially since I also took great care in routing the wiring through the upholstery and made sure I did it right. It works great, and I only ran into 1 snag in getting one of the panels in the car interior back into place smoothly, but it’s staying in place.

I was on a PS3 hacking kick for a few weeks, and got a hold of 2 original “phat” PS3 consoles. I already had a “Super Slim” model, but you can’t do quite as much on them when it comes to hacking. I successfully installed hybrid CFW, and then “Rebug”, and can now install pretty much anything I want to play, along with emulators. It’s pretty neat, but in the end I guess it was more of a passing interest, and did it “just to do it”, as it didn’t hold my interest for very long. It was the same with when I modded a phat PS2 with a hard drive- there really aren’t many PS1, 2, or 3 games that I have a burning desire to play. At least not at the moment; my interests can change quickly.

I was doing really well with my health kick throughout most of the spring and summer, and even won a weight loss competition at work, getting myself down to 194, when I started at 210 at the beginning of the competition two months prior. I was biking every weekend, having rode the Lower Trail twice, along with a few rides on the HBT Trail, and trips to Shawnee and riding some local roads. Then after winning that competition I took a 180 and just kind of said fuck it and haven’t rode my bike since. That may have something to do with some shit that happened at work around the same time that I lost a best friend over, but maybe more on that another time, I’m trying to keep this post positive.

Other than that, band is still trudging along, I replaced more brake lines on the van and replaced the tie-rod ends and the muffler, which all improved it quite a bit.

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