Just wtf is MySpace supposed to be now?

I mean, someone needs to address the elephant in the room. This post could have been made anytime in the past several years since MySpace has had that weird sideways format thing going on for quite a while now at this point. It’s cool that MySpace still kind of exists I guess, and I can appreciate how they tried to reinvent themselves as some sort of music-centered social media network instead of directly competing with Facebook. Hell, even for as terrible as I think it is, I can even appreciate how they attempted to differentiate themselves even further from Facebook (and likely Google+ as well, which was still a thing at the time) with the completely weird “connect to” system they have instead of a “Like” or upvoting system. But it’s so bizarre, “connecting to”, say, a picture of a dog that someone posted. It then shows up in the feed that all of your friends see stating that you connected to this picture. It’s like “duuuude, I really connect with your Yorkie, man!” Although, of course, if we’re being honest, no one is going to see it anyway. And we can’t forget the sideways-scrolling thing. It seems fresh and original, but it always feels weird to actually use.

But anyway, christ, isn’t it far overdue to just throw in the towel and admit that it didn’t work, and try something else? Hey, maybe I’m wrong and perhaps the modern MySpace is actually popular as hell in some circle or industry, much like how ancient internet things such as ICQ are still hot in certain countries overseas. I notice a lot of stuff about rap being promoted on the front page, so maybe it’s big in that genre? Otherwise, they might as well try to revamp it, such as finding some way of reverting it back to the classic look, but with a better back end. Making it a retro thing might be just what it needs.

Back around the time of the format change, MySpace offered a migration tool for a limited time where you could choose to have your content from your old profile, such as your pictures, brought over to the new one. I think I did it for mine around 2013-ish, and they even allowed you to have your blog posts zipped with a link to download it. I took advantage of that, but forgot to download it after it was finished, but I really didn’t lose anything important. Though those services are long gone, it looks like the old profiles for everyone else still exist. So for anyone else opting to return who didn’t partake in the migration service, I imagine they could still log in, it would just depend on if they still used the email address associated with their old account, especially if they don’t remember their old passwords.. Even if they do remember, I’m pretty sure they force a password change immediately upon logging in due to the account breach several years back, which may also involve using the email account associated with the account in the past.

But really, if you haven’t dabbled with MySpace since the big redesign years ago, you really aren’t missing much, outside of satisfying some morbid curiosity.

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