Spring cleaning?

I went through the sub-pages and cleaned some broken stuff out of the code. Mainly, the old Lycos/GuestGear guestbook links, the “Hitbox” and web counter stuff, and even some ancient Internet Link Exchange(!) code that was still lingering around on a few pages.

I made sure to make a copy of the old pages just for old times sake. The pages in and of themselves are already relics, reeking of 90’s style and tackiness, and are arguably dumb. But screw it, they’re over 20 years old. But to think back to the times when things like guestbooks were a thing, not to mention the web counters, ranking sites, and especially the Internet Link Exchange, it sure brings back some nostalgia.

I believe even the old guestbook was at least still viewable to some extent in recent years. All gone now. I think the ILE was the first thing to die before the 90’s were even over. I remember Microsoft buying it out at some point, and it may have lingered for a few years after that. Apparently Hitbox became defunct not long after Adobe bought them out in 2008. Surprisingly, I did find that Digits Web Counter is still around, but my old account and counter apparently isn’t. I may look into either getting a new one, or asking them about my old one and if it’s possible to use it again (which isn’t likely since I probably registered it with a long-gone email account I was using in 1996.)

So apparently Papyrus is a hated font…

Yeah, so I had no idea that Papyrus was such a hated font, right up there with the likes of Comic Sans. And here I’ve been using it as the main font on my website for about 15 years now. It’s considered kitschy and tacky and it supposedly shows that you’re a bad designer.

Well fuck. So, I kind of get that it’s overused. I hadn’t really realized that until I saw the SNL sketch with Ryan Gosling, and it really hit home (or, should I say, it really hit ‘homepage’). You do see it used on signs for hippie-esque shops and and tea brands and the like.

So, perhaps I’m just a terrible, hopeless web designer. Because in the context of my site here, I look at it and still feel that it fits perfectly with the parchment background that I use. Or perhaps I’m just a very slow learner. After all, I did use a quite tacky background in the early days of my site for the first 6 or 7 years. And just like then, I just can’t fathom using anything else. Of course, I also don’t claim to be some sort of web design expert, and I’m not trying to gain a following. I have no delusions of thinking that my little slice of the web is going to become popular like I may have had long ago in the early days of the internets; that’s not my goal at all. This is for me. And I fucking like it. (And if you view this site on a Mac instead of Windows, it’s downright beautiful. macOS renders the font much more smoothly.)

I may fool around with different background and font combinations for poops and hoops, but for now, Papyrus stays.