It’s time for you to go, GoDaddy

I got the notification that my web hosting was about to auto-renew soon. I started thinking about how little I use this website nowadays, and how it’s not quite worth almost $90 a year. However, that doesn’t mean that I want to totally do away with it either. I’d like to keep the hosting around in case I do find something to do with it, and barring that, a way to throw files up.

I began once again searching around for better hosting deals, and after a quick web search, I do believe I found one. This weekend, I will begin moving the site to a new hosting provider, Hostinger. If their standard pricing plans weren’t good enough, it seems that I have found them at a good time, with them having a hosting deal for 80 cents a month if you opt for a 3 year plan. Even if I don’t go for the 3 year deal, it’s still under $2 a month.

So, this will likely be my last post under the GoDaddy hosting.

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